Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have given the Easter Bunny a bad name.

Over the past week I have come across some things that would go great in Jack's easter basket. And because I am a full-time mom, Jack is usually with me when I find these things. I don't mind, because I like to make sure that he approves of my choices, before I go throwing money away on them.

I have learned that Jack LOVES peeps. He picked out a big 12 packer of purple peeps. He asked for them over and over that night and I told him "Jack, I gave them to the Easter Bunny to put in your easter basket." To which, he replied "Whhhy?" and I told him easter is coming soon, and the Easter Bunny was filling up his basket.

The next day I saw a great LeapFrog game that Jack could use to learn how to write his letters, (thanks to LeapFrog, Jack can sound out any of the 26 letters of the alphabet.) Jack saw it come out of the box that came from Amazon and chased me up the stairs as I quickly threw it on the top shelf. He followed me in and said "Mommy what was that?!" and I said "It's something the Easter Bunny wanted to put in your basket."

Then today I found a cute little Mater Pez dispenser. Perfect for his little, growing easter basket. Jack approved it, and I hid it when we got home. "Mommy, where are my toys with the candies?" to which I again replied, "The Easter Bunny took them to put in your basket. Easter is coming up really soon."

And Jack sat in silence for a minute, then asked "Mommy. When is the Easter Bunny going to stop taking all my stuff?"

And I realized, I've made the Easter Bunny out to be nothing but a dirty crook.


The Simmons Family said...

I'm totally laughing!!! That's awesome.

Kyle and Alli said...

That is too funny! Hopefully by Sunday, he forgives that mean ole Easter Bunny!

Lisa said...

I came across your blog url on Facebook. I am a fellow heart mom. My oldest son was born with HRHS and my youngest was born with a 'sorta' case of HLHS.

But the real reason I just had to comment? Now, this is really crazy... My name is Lisa and I have a son named Jack AND a son named Trent! lol!

Nice to meet you~

Lisa in TN

Lisa said...

Hi again~
I was just reading about your son's story over on your HLHS blog and how's this for ANOTHER son (the youngest with the 'sorta HLHS') was born on Dec 6, 2005!


Lisa in TN