Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So, the image on the left is today. The image on the right, is what he looked like when we came in yesterday. The blue circle, is around his lung. As you can see- it had NO room to expand and he was barely able to breathe. And all the fog on the right image is the fluid that has filled up.

He is still draining a little. I want to leave it in long enough to ensure we get all of it. Jack was low on potassium when we left the hospital, and now he is too high. We are waiting for that blood test to come back to see if we need to start him on medication to regulate his potassium levels. They've poked him FIVE times already today. Poor thing. I feel so bad.

So the cardio-thorasic surgeon that saw these images said "You could throw a dart at this x-ray and not help BUT hit the effusion."

So everyone was pretty impressed with the size of this thing. I'm SURE Jack feels better. While the nurse was pricking his finger again for blood Jack was yelling "I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!" like Quincy, from Little Einstiens.

Jack still has his sense of humor.

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the lockes said...

Good job Jack on still being a little silly despite all the nasties. So, today when Arrington walked in to our house, the girls yelled "JACK!!" hmmm...the competition is beginning already.