Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Tunnel, Another Light

I'm sorry- but is he not the cutest. How many kids smile this big when they're in the hospital.

Chest tube was removed this morning. Already he is moving around better and eating better. We actually SLEPT last night! (Between vitals and blood draws and x-rays) But this mornings x-ray went very well, and Jack was VERY cooperative, he held his arms out before they even asked and was so good. (The morphine is helping with his friendliness...)

So now that the tube is removed, depending on tomorrow's x-ray, we could be discharged tomorrow. A great birthday present for Josh..

I'm of course nervous, but he seems to be doing really well, and in addition to the pleural effusion, has had more time to heal from surgery. We'll still go home on O2, but we'll come back on wednesday to see how he is doing.

Thank you so much for all the prayers and kind words. And those friends I don't see often, I love you guys for even thinking of us. I'll let you know how he does today- and what the word is for tomorrow.



the dudette said...

Ok, he's officially the cutest.

The Simmons Family said...

I haven't commented nearly enough, but have read every single post and HORRAY for the removal of (what is hopefully) his last chest tube EVER!

I love the smile! :) He knows he's going home soon.

I bet it's nice to be DONE with the three surgeries.


Kelly D. said...

Aww, sweet boy! My fingers are crossed that everything goes well and that you guys can get settled at home SOON! We love you!

Brit H. said...

Yay! I am SO glad to hear that he is doing/feeling better! Good luck with the discharge tomorrow! We will keep our fingers crossed that all is well for his check up on Wednesday. Jack is awesome! Hang in there!

Leslie said...

i think he looks like carter in this picture. i'm holding my breath for the little guy. hope all goes well.

Suzi said...

So Happy Birthday to Josh tomorrow...that is my birthday too!The picture of Jack made us so happy because he looks adorable and almost joyful....we hope everything goes his way the next few days...we are still praying for him every, suzi

Jergs Family said...

I love the picture on this post! It says a lot about his personality. Lisa, I just don't know how you are handling it all, but you are the woman! Way to go - we hope all goes well so you can go home tomorrow. Happy Birthday to Josh. Love you all.