Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Morning x-ray

So, LONG night. What night at the hospital isn't... After the multiple pokes for blood at 4, and then x-rays at 6- we fell asleep at 7. The Dr.'s made their ronds at about 9 and two of the surgeons, our NP Linda, and a couple others said the x-ray looked really good, and that we are going to wait it out to see if he gets better, before calling it Chylo, and putting him on the fat-free diet.

(good news. BUT, I don't want this happening again. I'm not going to go home and be in a constant state of panic thinking that he is filling up with fluid.)

So they said they were going to "make sure" that everything was ok before we are discharged.

The plan now, is to wait for more output from his chest tube, then take the tube out when it dissapates, then wait a day before being discharged to see if he fills up again.


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