Friday, April 17, 2009

O2, to the rescue.

Follow the oxygen tube to find Jack..

Here's a big hint.

I suppose it's good that oxygen is getting in there SOMEHOW.

It is very nice to be home-- it is alot like the hospital, but more comfortable. I need to be at Jack's side CONSTANTLY. Or he has a panic attack. And if I leave the room (even to visit the bathroom) he walks till the O2 line runs out of slack, then stands there crying till I come back. He seems to be very, very sensitive and has a little separation anxiety. I'm hoping this passes...(please God, let it pass..)

Other than his more frequent crying, and hormonal-seeming outbursts, he is doing very well. We've played Rockband, trains, marbles, colors and many other things. He is happy to be here, still hesitant of his condition, but much better than at the hospital.

He is also protective of his incision. We got word that he could take a shallow bath, and he said "No! I'll get my stickers wet!" and after we promised we wouldn't get them wet, he was ok with it. As long as I stay on top of his pain medication he is comfortable, but it is obvious that when he wakes up he is hurting. So soon he will heal...and feel all better.

Thanks everyone for your support. And the meals...they are excellent.


Anonymous said...

sounds like he senses your anxiety!
Relax and he will too!

Lisa Marie Trent said...

Thanks, anonymous.