Sunday, June 29, 2008

"I sorry Domnic"

So, sometimes, when you are really enjoying yourself a wave of panic almost immediately follows, because you ARE enjoying yourself which means your child is off doing something quietly and getting into alot of trouble.

My question, is how Dominic let this go as far as it did. Once my panic settled in I started to go upstairs to find out what Jack was up to- and I smelled a lovely Cucumber Melon as I approached the upper floor. Out of my bedroom ran a very greasy looking Dominic who zoomed downstairs to the door and Jack came running after with an upside down, open bottle of his shampoo. I grabbed Jack and started closing the bottle and scooping it all off the carpet and yelled down to Josh to look as see if Dominic had stuff all over him.

"YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!" Josh yells back.

So Josh suited up and took dominic into the shower where Dom got a huge reality check to how small he acutally IS after shrinking all his fur down in water. Intense meowing echoed through the bathroom and a now naked Jack stood at the shower door repeatedly saying "I sorry Domnic! I sorry Domnic!"

So I would have gotten actual photos of the event, but because of Josh's brave alothough reluctant move to shower Dominic I wasn't about to whip out the camera with a smile and say "I'm SO going to blog this!!"

So you'll just have to imagine our quite large and fluffy Dom, out on the deck all shrunken and wet, licking himself off...


Laura Lee said...

oh my gosh. I would have loved to have seen that. Although I probably would have cried not sure whether it was funny or terrible.

Ilene said...

Well, despite the lack of pictures, I'm glad you thought, "I'm so going to blog this."

Poor kitty.