Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Often times I will have a question, like "Why is it so convenient that the distance we are from the moon and the sun are vastly different as are the sizes of both of them, but because of where the earth is placed in the universe, from our view they are the same size, making solar and lunar eclipses a HUGE coincidence....?"

And with these questions I usually turn to my father. Tom is full of wisdom, some useless but mostly useful and valueable lessons that I've kept with me throughout my lifetime. I thought as a favor, to those who aren't lucky to be borned from this highly intelligent man, I would share these meaningful tidbits that are of great worth and value, with you.

1. When in Mexico, and being hounded by small children with boxes of Chicklets, don't speak, just "Smile, nod, and move on."

2. Never, ever skimp on tires. Always buy good quality tires. Because after all, "your life is riding on those tires."

3. "Small portions." Often we'd find ourselves at the Homestead Buffet. Because of the large aray of endless amounts of food that you'd want to try all of.. dad would always advise me to take small potions of what I chose. I try to use that more than just at buffet's..

4. If you ever do something to make someone mad, or let them down...instead of making excuses for your actions you can sum it all up into these words:

I've upset you,
I didn't mean to,
But I apologize,
Please forgive me.

And leave it at that.

5. After purchasing a car, make a special effort to place money into your new "car" account monthly, for certain cases of car wrecks, breakdowns, or unforseen problems. That way your budget won't be disturbed.
(Good advice, that I didn't follow...and should have..)

6. When in doubt- always double flush. (those who've been to the cabin understand that one..)

I know there are more of these gems stored away in my mental archives, and if any of them surface in the next while, I'll add them. But please, use, pass on, and enjoy.


Nat said...

I've upset you,
I didn't mean to,
But I apologize,
Please forgive me.

I've used this.

Laura Lee said...

Whenever I let someone down, I like to tell them it's because I HATE them, and I LOVE the other person I gave my attention to instead.

Kelly Durham said...

My favorite fact from Tom is about the "exception to the exception" having to do with February 29, 2000. I can't remember it perfectly, but I know that the Leap Day I got engaged to Carter only comes around once every several hundred years thanks to Tom.

acrspeech said...

What a wise Dad you have! Even if he did "ban us from the kitchen" I'm sure there was wisdom behind that too! I was laughing when I saw a post from "Joshua" on my blog...I was sitting here asking myself "Who is Joshua????" I can't wait to see you soon!

Ilene said...

I've learned from Tom that an eatery's atmosphere can outweigh cleanliness and a reliable menu.

Case in point, the Wagon Wheel out in the Heber area. We could have gone for IHOP but due to Tom's persuation we ended up at the Wagon Wheel for breakfast where the small town waitress sloshed our OJs all over her hands and still served them to us and wore pantyhose and white keds. It was awesome.