Friday, May 2, 2008


So I'm getting quite excited for the warm weather I know is coming. And when it does, we have lots of plans. There are alot of things to do close by and by that I mean in town, and a few hours away.

One, is to go south and do some hiking and climbing. I know some of you want to come with- (Katie, Kevin.) ...and others I don't mention. St. G is a great, quick getaway and we are so excited to get Jack out in the wilderness, and into a TENT.
THAT'S RIGHT! I wanna go camping with my two-year old. Anyone who has experience or advice on that, please speak up.

Back in the day, when it wasn't "Me and my husband and child" it was me and my peeps. On a spur of the moment escape, Lyndsey (Blodgett, at the time) and I drove to St. G with no agenda. Just the two of us. We made dinner, took a few laps in the pool, and did some super-cool free climbing. It was so much fun- I can't even express.

Deborah and I did the same thing another year, where we were in Sandy, talking at one moment, and then in our car on our way to the Shakespearean Festival a few hours later. We caught a play, enjoyed the warm weather, and discovered that my car can reach 420 miles to the tank.

Summer '02, Stef and I drove to San Diego. Best trip ever. We did so much stuff I can't even list. But Disneyland was one of them. And watching happy sealions was another.

On more than one occasion, I would cruise up the cabin with my friends. Natalie is a huge fan of the Midway Mansion we hold so dear. Although I think most of you have been there at least once. The cabin is great for the "no phone and no cable" type of vacation. It is was we now call- "roughing it".

This is really a pointless post, more of a time of reflection and gratitude for beautiful places and good company.

Thanks friends, for all the good times.


J n' J said...

oh memories sweet. Oh, camping in a tent with a two year old-not so sweet. Okay, they were like 12 months. I think Jack will do great. Pack n' Play? I hate sleeping with my kids. Good luck with that.

HollyRenee said...

So, we both posted shit about summer yesterday...huh. What a coincidence:)
I'm excited for another trip to your cabin. But this time, maybe without you know who...

Nat said...

You forgot what else the cabin is good for.....

Lip Syncing with paper towel rolls to Blessed Union of Souls.


Fenrisar said...
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