Thursday, May 8, 2008

Speaking of Birds...

Look at the sweetness that is taking place just outside our house. In our little brook is this adorable mommy and her teensy, weensy duckings. She was nice eough to let me get pretty close, but was keeping a tight eye on me. As well as twelve other male ducks surrounding me that were probably all the fathers.

It's hard to tell when they are all jumbled together but she has 5 little babies that follow her EVERYWHERE she goes, and all five are strong enough to swin against the strong current in our stream. They are out there every day, and Jack is constantly asking to go outside to see the "duckings".

Ah, spring time.


Laura Lee said...

Cute babies! I want to come see them.

CorieAnn Scarbrough said...

I love that picture of Jack on the side! So cute!