Monday, April 28, 2008

The "Bash"

I didn't take as many pictures as I wish I did, but for Josh's birthday we had one awesome meal, a whole bunch of friends, and many unexpected presents. Thank you to ALL who came, we love you all and really appreciated your company. We had a pretty darn good time and can't wait to find another reason to have you all over again.. :)

Here's my masterpiece of a was quite tricky, and the middle layer broke in half. So seriously, it's a wonder the cake even made it to the party.

Mmmmm, tri-tip. Thanks to Deb for the "secret family recipe."


Nat said...

Does "secret recipe" = COSTCO??

Lisa Marie Trent said...

yes, yes it does.

Kelly said...

We had the BEST time. Thank you again for having us over. And sorry again that Piper blew out half the candles.

Laura Lee said...

That tri-tip was awesome. I may have told more than one or two people about it.