Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What am I DOING!!

So I get to "work" today and there is a list of people to call to ask if they'd like to be in the Club Championship here at Ivory Ridge Tennis. I haven't had to play Telemarketer in awhile. Not since my "temp job" days.. So I am not used to the fact that people still have home phones. Where MANY people use them. Not just the person you are trying to contact. Here are a few calls I made. One right after the other.

Ring, Ring.
"Is your mom there?"
"...this is she."

(ooooooo ouch.)

Ring, Ring.

"Hi, is Susie there?"
(clunk clunk clunk)
"No, this is her husband.."


"Hi is Pince there?"
"There is no 'Pince' here."
"Oh I'm sorry I must have the wrong number..."
"There is a 'Vince'....are you looking for Vince?"

(why yes, the "V" on this list left for me DOES look alot like a "P".)

"Does Vince play tennis?"
"Is he there?"

(Strike three.)


Ilene said...

Don't you have an uncle who plays tennis? That could be one less scary phone call.

We'll Call her "Lisa" said...

The the one I am working for. STRIKE FOUR.

Laura Lee said...

That's awesome. Since Ilene is here in the comment box I have to recite my favorite phone conversation she had with a telemarketer who called our apartment when we lived in Provo.

Ring, Ring

"Could I speak to Ilene Winward please?"
"She doesn't live here, may I take a message?"

Theresa Rodriguez said...

I love you! I just laughed so hard reading that. I had to be a telemarketer for my insurance job once and nothing sucks more then trying to talk to people who just quite frankly dont want to talk to you. Hope it went a little better for you.
by the way i have not found out what i am having yet. i find out in two weeks. and the ultrasound picture you sent me i just stared at, i had no idea what i was looking at. I felt like rachel on friends who couldnt see the picture of her baby and was crying lol. i hope you have seen that episode or just pretend. thanks