Monday, April 14, 2008

Round Two.

Dominic has his schedule, and goes as follows.
8:00am Come inside and have us go from sink to sink to let him drink out of almost every single one.
9:00am go BACK to the door he just came in from, where he has been for the past 12 hours, and request to go back out to eat some more food.
9:15am Come BACK inside and go upstairs under my bed.
2:00pm As soon as things upstairs have settled and we are all elsewhere, Dominic feels it is time to take his DIRTY, SHEDDING self and get ONTO my bed, on the white duvet, and curl up a few times and settle in for a nap.
6:00pm He peels himself off my bed leaving a gross, furry, dirty spot and goes BACK outside for more food, and we don't let him back in till 9am.

I thought perhaps, I will try a few things to avoid him being on my bed. First, I shut the door, but Jack likes to let the cat go wherever he is meowing to, so I know Jack let's him in. Then I thought about putting a towel in the bed, so he could sleep on that. But when I came in there at 2pm, he sat JUST OUTSIDE the perimeter of the towel and looked at me like I was some sort of idiot. Then I thought I would just forget about making the bed altogether, and fold the comforter up to the headboard.
That didn't take either.

Here is a CLOSE UP, by the way, of the way he is looking at me just then:

It's as though he's thinking "This is more fun than I've had in a LONG, LONG time."
So I have decided that either I get rid of the cat, or get used to doing alot of laundry, MORE often.

And ironing. Cause that thing is from IKEA and needs to be ironed after every wash. And that's a King.

So who wants a cat?


Ilene said...

Tell me again why people have cats? Seriously, I can't figure it out.

I guess the same argument can be said for having children.

Okay, I guess I get it.

Laura Lee said...

People have cats because it's funny. funny.

Theresa Rodriguez said...

Its amazing how much personality cats have. Thats so funny. By the way..your cat is HUGE!