Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Finale

I drew a diagram of what I discovered yesterday morning. Jack has done this before, so I should know better. But he also has thrown my phone, pressed every button with unnecessary force, and dropped it at least a dozen times- and it somehow managed to work.

However, this was the final straw, and after a few close attempts at being ok- the phone finally gave up and is no longer.

On that note, everything on there is lost, including all your phone numbers. Please, if you will, email me your phone numbers so I can collect those again.

Thank you.


Ilene said...

Thank you for the diagram. It was very helpful.

Sorry about your phone. They really should make more water-proof phones available for parents.

Laura Lee said...

dude you need to get a new phone. I'll give you my phone number later.

the lockes said...

hey dude- we had a great time destroying your basement today. thanks for letting us chill.