Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Joshy-Poo

Joshua Lehi Trent was born in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, April 25th, 1976. He was a black haired baby that blossomed into a toe-head, and charmed the ladies with his blue eyes from day one.
We met in 2001 and both of us pretended that the other was no big deal. A year later I ran into him and we spent everyday with eachother from then on. In 2004, we were married and bound together by our devotion to one another.
Josh is the person I feel the most like myself around. We always have fun and laugh with eachtother. He loves me for all my postives and most of my negatives. He is the best father, and plays with Jack as though they are best friends and there is no age difference between them. Josh is everyones friend. He can relate to every kind of person and get along with even the most impossible of people.
I hope this day is special, and makes him feel loved, important, and on top of the world.
I love you babe, Happy Birthday.


Laura Lee said...

Happy Birthday Jarsh. Thanks for the party.

Brit H. said...

Saudi Arabia? What? We have obviously not spent enough time together. Anyway, Happy Birthday!!