Friday, May 27, 2011

Thirty, Eighteen, Twenty-Five.. whatever.

I turned 30 on May 20th. I've had lots of great jokes- like Josh getting me "Over the Hill" balloons, lots of "Happy Birthday Granny" or "Have a great day, saggy mama.."

Super fun comments indicating that though 30 sounds old, it really isn't. Which I completely agree, and to tell the truth, I've felt 30 since I was 17. Many people have asked "so does it feel different to be 30" and I just think to myself.... not really.

In high school I was ITCHING to get out. I felt like I was around a bunch of crazy kids making stupid choices and causing unnecessary problems. Then college was nice, better; people actually following rules and making better decisions. When I met Josh and knew in my heart I was going to marry him I thought "wait, I'm only 22.." but again, FELT much older. So it seemed alright. Then that led to Jack. Childbirth, parenting. That was probably the time I felt my age the most, but fought through it to become a mature, role-model for my son.

Thirty isn't bad. Age doesn't matter. Things change, yes... eyes grow "feet" and legs grow "cottage cheese" but I honestly feel that the best is yet to come. I'm still learning and I have a lot of time to become a wonderful person.

Here's to THIRTY! Cheers.

Special thanks those truly thoughtful gifts.. you know who ya'll are.


Liz said...

I totally agree. I remember being little and just wanting to be a grown up. My problem is that I can't believe how fast it has actually come. But there is no way I would wish to go back. High school, dating, staying out all night, well, maybe I could use a good night out every once in a while, but the rest I just want to leave in the past.

So let's go out!

laura said...

someone once told me that "you are still figuring yourself out in your 20's and life really starts in your 30's"....i believe it. your best IS yet to come....

hope your bday was great!!!