Monday, June 6, 2011

Fill the Ark...

One year ago today, it was 10:00pm, Jack was still up so we could take Josh to the airport for his business trip to New York when we saw a light in our back yard. A police officer had a worried look on his face and told me they were having "water problems." He suggested I remove anything important from our basement. Just then a fast gush of water came from under the fence and headed for our home. I grabbed Josh and ran downstairs to start taking things up from the basement. By the time he got our tv off the wall and upstairs, water was halfway up the window-well. After our second trip upstairs, we heard a CRASH and discovered the window had broken to the pressure. The water was freezing, brown, smelly and there was broken glass all over as we trudged through water to save everything.

Today, after a warm up, we keep a close eye on the river..

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