Saturday, April 2, 2011

When I was your age...

Lately, and frequently, Josh and I are watching pieces of ourselves pop up in Jack. I've noticed such things as the thrill that comes over you when you learn how to draw or spell something. When I learned how to spell my name, I wrote it all over our house. I was probably five, just like Jack. I can still find my mark on the inside of my mom's bathroom drawer. Jack learned how to draw a star and drew them all over the walls and the banister.. and the fireplace. I also remember having my feelings get hurt whenever a door was closed on me. My dad would close his study door, or their bedroom door and I'd always take it personally. Since I've started favoring privacy at appropriate times (Jack IS getting older...) Jack will cry whenever we close a door on him.

One night I got out of bed to check on Josh, who was on a very late-night business call. When I walked to the end of the hallway I found Jack asleep by Josh's office door. Sometimes if I had a bad dream, or couldn't sleep, I'd grab a pillow and a blanket and sleep by my parents' door. The flickering light from their TV would shine through the bottom and it was strangely comforting. I can imagine that the sound of Josh's voice on the phone made Jack feel safe.

This evening- Jack pulled something that BOTH Josh and I did as little kids, perhaps EVERY little kid has done this at one time or another. For some reason it's fun. But I felt the need to photograph and label the event.

Jack designed himself a new room in his bath tub. It came complete with all of Jack essentials, listed below.

1. His jacket, hung on the hook meant to hold the squeegie, that actually goes in our shower.
2. His juice cup, sitting comfortably in the soap dish.
3. Jack's library books, we read every night.
4. BOTH penguin pillow pets, large and small.
5. A spatula. That's beyond me..
6. His socks, waiting for him on the toilet seat.
7. The chair, for visitors.
8. (Not Shown) His cup of Apple Jack's.

I can't help but admit it looks really comfy in there, with the feather down nestled in the small bath tub, enveloping whoever sits in it... but, it's Jack's new room.


Kell's Belles said...

Oh, sweet boy! That is adorable!

Laura Lee said...

He did a great job with the tiling too.

Nat said...

That really is cute.

Bebe McGooch said...

Lisa, I've been lurking on your blog, and I can't tell you how much I love those Jack quotes. He is such a sweet, clever, creative boy. What a great kid!