Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Memory Lane.... or dark scary alley..

My mom is constantly trying to turn my old room into something else, and she has been asking me to clear out my closet. That closet has been a burden on me since 1984. It would always need to be cleaned out. But this time was different. I was deciding what I wanted to keep, and what I wanted to say goodbye to, forever.

In this event, I came across a number of interesting things from my past... some I can explain, some I cannot.

First up. My Troll Collection. Impressive? Yes. And this isn't even all of them. The collage could only hold 9. These things were 7 or 8 bucks, back in the day.

Next, my little Red Riding Hood story doll. That's right.... 3 dolls in one. My mom said she and my dad brought me this from a "far away place"...

My first Cabbage Patch Doll. "Angel Sheryl." She was my first attempt at profession as a hair stylist. Poor thing didn't even have much in the first place. Didn't work out.

My "Clara" dress from when I was in the Nutcracker. It was custom made, and very pretty at one point in time. Now it's just all crinkly and seams are coming undone. Good thing it was a one-time gig.

Yep, this is my Prom picture. That is me, pretending to hit my date with his cane.
Classy stuff.

My mom went through a weird porcelain doll making phase. She has A LOT of them. And for some reason made me and my sister each a porcelain cat, wearing a dress. Laura's is mysteriously broken. But mine isn't..

Not much needs to be said here. "Gosh, it's in such good condition" you're thinking? Yeah that's cause it went unused for a whole quarter while I was suspended for not making grades.

This is one I can't explain. I vaguely remember recieving this, but for some reason, I have an autographed picture of Martha Stewart, except it's addressed to "Leah".. and not "Lisa."

Now these are the things I KEPT. Amongst the things I chucked, were:

A miniature cat-themed tea set, with tea pots that had cat heads.
A little display of miniature things, glued to a shelf, including miniature cokes, miniature books, miniature fruit, and miniature cups. (When I asked my mom if I should keep it, she said what is it for? And I said 'that's what I said when you gave it to me.')
1,346 stuffed animals.
8 wooden dolls made at Girl's Camp.
The Milli Vanilli cassette that my friend and I yanked the tape from when we discovered the "truth" about Milli Vanilli.
Cheer pictures. Not because I didn't like it, but because I looked horrible in them.
A retainer.
Lots of "notes" written in school, about completely unimportant redundancies.

So as you can see, I came out on top, I think.

Now I just have to find a place for all this crap in MY house.

Side note: My American Girl Doll Collection "Kirsten" would have made the photo shoot, but some mysterious liquid leaked all over her, and her St. Lucia's dress. So .... yeah.


Kelly D. said...

Thanks, Lisa. I needed a good laugh! The entry had me giggling start to finish. My favorite was the prom picture with the caption "Classy stuff."

Glad you're keeping the porcelain cat doll. You just can't have enough of those.

Kyle and Alli said...

This cracks me up. Ever since we bought our house, my parents have been systematically bringing things over from my old room. I had to laugh at the items that made the cut...since I am sure you will be dressing up like Clara and playing with the porcelain cat and the cabbage patch doll in the next few weeks!! :) I dread going through the final stuff in my closet. I hope that Jack finds as much joy in the troll collection as I did as a kid!

Laura Lee said...

Wow. Angel Cheryl.

I remember all of those things. And yes, you did have Kate hair.

carter said...

That transformer red riding hood fascinated me then as well as now. Very cool.

Angel Sheryl. Ha!

Good work, Leah.

the lockes said...

This is one of my favorite posts ever. I can't stop smiling and laughing. Martha Stewart an Leah! Hilarious! Libbie LOVES the "kitty"

Chicks-with-Sticks said...

can you come and clean out my closets??? I'm sure you'll find more stuff to add to your collection of keepers.

Paul and Deborah Speed said...

I gave that Martha Stewart picture to you one year for Christmas. It was all part of a themed Christmas gift thing, but I can't remember exactly what the theme was. I do remember that I bought that pic off of Ebay for about $3, though. Pretty good deal. ;)

Lisa Marie Trent said...

Finally, the mystery is solved!

Nat said...

My dad insists on making me keep my troll collections. He says it'll bring me big bucks one day. One can hope right?

Tasha said...

That cat in the dress is creepy! I would stick that in the attic.

Jess said...

leah, i am not sure which item I love the most. really, it might be a toss up between the cat doll, and the autographed picture.

also, loved jack showing off his scars.