Monday, February 1, 2010

Here's The Deal.

As of 4 hours ago we were getting ready to hop a plane tomorrow morning and head to Florida for Jack's Make A Wish trip. However- a chain of events led us to canceling the trip, upping Jack's med's substantially, and staying home. Here's a summary/timeline of the last week:
  • We finished Jack's antibiotic's that he was on for the Strep throat we discovered 2 weeks ago
  • Jack started getting sick again one week ago, cough, fever, chills
  • We took Jack in on friday and the dr. saw no signs of a bacterial infection, and the strep test was negative
  • Dr. asked us to keep him updated on Jack's condition over the weekend
  • By Monday (today), Jack had not improved and the Dr. called us to bring him in
  • Dr. said we should get a strep test just to rule it out, but it came up positive
  • Dr. also said he was concerned about Jack's lungs, as he could hear something on the right side (Jack's "bad" side) and suggested we go to Primary's for an x-ray
  • Primary's did the x-ray, I tried to read it, find someone to read it, couldn't, and we went home to wait for the results
  • On the way, a cardiologist called to tell us there was some build up that could possibly be pulmonary edema, and that there was in fact a small pleural effusion
So we are now back up to 3X daily lasix, 1X daily aldactone, and his new antibiotic for the returning strep throat.

There is some good news:
  • Jack is home, we aren't in the hospital with another chest tube
  • It's raining cats and dogs in Florida
  • We can watch the season premiere of LOST at the same time everyone else does
  • Make A Wish is allowing us to reschedule his trip
It's incredible that Make A Wish is so accommodating, I mean we called about 12 hours before our departure time and told them the whole thing is off. I'm so glad that they are understanding and allowing us to try again.

The hardest part will be explaining to Jack tomorrow, why we aren't on our way to Disneyworld.

Thank you for all those that listened when I needed to talk to you and thank you to Make A Wish. Today sucked. But Jack is here and in good spirits, which is all that really matters.


Paul and Deborah Speed said...

I almost cried when I read this. :( Poor Jack. I'm glad you get to reschedule. Hopefully it can be sooner rather than later. Tell Jack we hope he feels better.

carter said...


Kelly D. said...

How does the stupid bacteria ALWAYS find the weak spot? Poor Jack and his poor lung. I hope he gets better FAST. And that Florida isn't too far away in your future :)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Sucks is right, but so glad you caught it at home and I love the way you're able to look at the bright side (rain in FL).

I was looking forward to the way you'd tell the story of the adventure, so we'll have to stay tuned.


Kyle and Alli said...

My heart broke for Jack when I read this. I knew you guys were leaving today and so I was shocked to see and entry in my google reader. I am so glad this doesn't mean a chest tube. Get better super fast Jack!!

Also...I have a potential date in mind for a winter cabin adventure (assuming Jack is feeling better). let me check a few things and I will email you with details. Maybe that will cheer him (and you and Josh!) up a little bit!

Leslie said...

ugh. apparantly jack's lungs didn't get the memo. i hope you were able to talk with frank or sarah last night and get things squared away. good luck getting better! my fingers are crossed!

Aimee Hardy said...

Darn it. I hope he gets feeling better soon so you can have your adventure. Poor Jack. He's going to deserve this trip even more when he gets better.

Mindi said...

Thinking of all of you and wishing you all kinds of karmic wonder. You are remarkable. Jack is amazing. Mickey will still be there. And the sun will come out when you're there--how could it not?

Mindi and Mr. McKay