Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clean X-Ray

We took Jack in this morning. He is doing much better since starting the antibiotic and upping the lasix. The image showed the pleural effusion was gone. Dr. Su believes that the strep caused the effusion, because the lungs are overworked and inflamed, hence, the slow bloodflow to Jack's lungs caused a bit of back up.

I have yet to contact Make A Wish with this news- we aren't quite out of the woods yet. The Dr. wants us to wait a few weeks before rescheduling Jack's trip. We will go in next friday for another CXR and make sure his chest is clear, and perhaps at that point we can plan a second go at Florida. (We'll be sure to check the weather first.)

I appreciate all the love and concern coming form everyone at this time. It was indeed heart breaking when we had to cancel the trip. But now we just have more time to look forward to it, and we know that Jack certainly earned it.

Stay tuned.


Andy's Mommy said...

Praying for Jack. Chin up Lisa, you'll be soaking up sun in Florida in a little bit. Just keep your eyes on the prize right now. I'm so sorry this all happened, it really broke my heart.

Kimmie said...

just popped over for the first time in a bummed to hear about the cancellation. but the Westland thing was AWESOME!!! just incredible. hope you are all on your way to Disneyworld soon!