Friday, February 12, 2010

Congential Heart Disease Awareness Week.

Appropriately, CHD Awareness Week falls on the week of Valentine's Day. It is a reminder that this isn't something that happens to a small handful of people, but that there are hundred's of families close by that are connected to someone with a CHD. There is more funding spent on children's cancer research, yet 10 times more children die of heart diseases than from cancer. This week helps us remember how we aren't just lucky that we caught ours early and have been able to stay ahead of it, but that there are things yet to be discovered in this world that will soon help prevent CHD's. I found this poem off of another Heart Mom's page... so I stole it. Thanks Andrea.

What is a CHD???

You passed me in the shopping mall
(You read my faded tee).
You tapped me on the shoulder,
Then asked, "What's a CHD?"
I could quote terminology,
There's stats that I could give.
But I would rather share with you
A mother's perspective.

What is it like to have a child with a CHD?
It's Lasix, Aspirin, Captopril
It's wondering...Lord what's your will?
It's monitors and oxygen tanks
It's a constant reminder to always give thanks.
It's feeding tubes, calories, needed weight gain
It's the drama of eating...and yes it's insane!
It's the first time I held him, I'd waited so long,
It's knowing that I need to help him grow strong.
It's making a hospital home for awhile
It's seeing my reward in every smile.
It's checking his sats as the feeding pump's beeping
It's knowing that there is just no time for sleeping.
It's caths, x-rays and boo boos to kiss
It's normalacy I sometimes miss.
It's asking do his nails look blue?
It's cringing inside at what he's been through.
It's dozens of calls to his pediatrician
He knows me by name, I'm a mom on a mission.
It's winter's homebound and hand sanitizer
It's knowing this journey has made me much wiser.
It's watching him sleeping his breathing is steady.
It's surgery day and I'll never be ready.
It's handing him over, I'm still not prepared,
It's knowing that his heart must be repaired.
It's waiting for news on that long stressful day,
It's's hoping...that he'll be okay.
It's the wonderful friends with whom I've connected,
It's the bond that we share, it was so unexpected.
It's that long faded scar down my child's small chest,
It's touching it gently and knowing we're blessed.
It's watching him chasing a small butterfly,
It's the moment I realized I've stopped asking why.
It's the snowflakes that fall on a cold winter's day,
They remind me of those who aren't with us today.
It's a brave little boy who loves Thomas the train,
Or a special heart bear or a frog in the rain.
It's the need to remember we're all in this plight,
It's their lives that remind us we still need to fight!
It's in pushing ahead amidst every sorrow,
It is finding the strength to have hope for tomorrow.
And no, we'll never be the same. It's changed our family,
This is what we face each day.

This is...a CHD.

**Written by Stephanie Husted (fellow heart mom)


Jergs Family said...

Happy CHD week! I loved that poem - I'm sure that it is exactly what you would have written. Jack is an amazingly strong little boy - a fighter to the finish! You have a lot to celebrate this Valentine's Day. Have a great one!

the lockes said...

That poem is awesome. Thanks for sharing. We will celebrate and push forward all together Monday night at Paul's concert.