Thursday, December 17, 2009


How strange, that I have a four year old. Even more strange, is to be at this point where we have no surgery on our calendar this year. Ever since Jack was born I couldn't see past his third surgery. Now that we are after our fifth, I can't explain the bliss- of moving forward. It is a simple thing, but to have a four year getting ready to go to preschool is the biggest accomplishment for our family. Jack's year consisted of many ups and downs, illustrated by this collage.

1. Jack gained a very genuine interest in Cars. Be it trucks, sports cars or cartoon cars, he loves them. Anything red is "Lighting McQueen."
2. We got to take Jack to Universal Studios this year and he learned that Dora and Diego are NOT of average height.
3. Jack grabbed some scissors and cut off his beautiful golden locks. It turned out to be a good thing because he wouldn't have had time for a haircut in the upcoming months.
4. Jack had his third open heart surgery, completing the Norwood Procedure to adjust his blood flow to and from his heart. It changed him forever.
5. Jack made many trips back to the hospital, due to his pesky pleural effusions. His spirits were bruised but he took it like a rockstar.
6. In between hospital stays he got to enjoy the warm weather and do fun things like visit Red Butte, Thanksgiving Point, and go to a carnival with his cousins.
7. After his fourth pleural effusion, the surgeons decided to do surgery to help him recover from the new heart adjustment. Another surgery followed that one..
8. A three week stay in the hospital set us back a bit, but we took advantage of summer and got Jack's skinny bum outside.
9. Jack LOVES to swim... and tries to be brave by ditching any floating device. We are still working on keeping him above water.
10. Make A Wish granted Jack a wish, to go to Disneyworld and meet all of his disney friends. We are so excited to take this well deserved trip with him in February.
11. For the better part of the year Jack became quite attached to WALL-E and opted, or demanded rather, to be MO from the movie. That costume lasted 10 min.
12. We went to California a couple of times per Jack's request. He was able to go to SeaWorld and get drenched by Shamu.
13. Because of his mommy's example, Jack prefer's to be behind the camera more than in front, and has proven hard to get pictures of as of late.
14. Jack has managed to be potty trained despite taking his diuretic everyday that REALLY makes him need to ... evacuate. We are really proud of him.
15. My little baby bum is turning into a boy. He loves guns and tools and he doesn't always want to be my little side kick each and everyday. He is very independent and capable.
16. This was Jack's 3 year old pictures. I will be doing his 4 year old ones soon. He is FINALLY getting so big, and for the first time I am sad about it... every pound he gains is a huge accomplishment and each inch he grows is a celebration, but suddenly I want him to slow down now that I don't have to worry so much about it.

Jack is the most charming little boy I know. He can make you smile seconds after making you mad. He knows he has the skills. I will never take him for granted and I hope he grows up knowing that he is a blessing to everyone's lives. This birthday is so special for him and I hope that this next year will bring more imagination, more laughs, more games, more clubhouses, more vacuuming.. and more love.

Happy Birthday, Buddy. You conquered 2009.


Kyle and Alli said...

I loved the picture montage! He is such a precious little guy with SO MUCH personality! I really hope that Grant grows to be even half as fun to hang out with as Jack is. Hearing about his great attitude during his hospital stays made me stop and change my own attitude. Happy Birthday buddy!

Kelly D. said...

What a year Jack has had! (Well, all three of you have had, actually.) It's time for some SERIOUS celebration. Happy Birthday to Jack!

Jergs Family said...

Happy Birthday Jack! Wow - you've lived a great life with lots of adventure already! What does 2010 have in store for you? Sounds like lots of fun starting with a trip to Disneyland! Yeah! Have a great day. We love you!

Laura Lee said...

Happy Birthday buddy boy! You are a walking, running and swimming miracle. I look forward to your party at the barn with the bunnies and ponies!

Amy Gardner said...

Happy Birthday Jack! You've accomplished more than any other 4 year old, which is why you ROCK so much! Have a great birthday, no.. birthmonth, no... birth-rest-of-the-year. You should celebrate non-stop.