Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 17th

Jack's birthday was on a thursday. The most boring day of the week. So we spruced it up with some birthday breakfast eggs, a trip to Primary's to deliver gifts to those responsible for Jack's ongoing birthday's, lunch at the PlayPlace, a fun visit to the Pet Store and then Zoo Light's after we did presents. It was certainly a lovely day and Jack had fun and was a great participant in all of it. We love him so much, and feel blessed to have this fourth birthday.

THEN, on Saturday, we had his birthday party at the Barn. It was SO much fun and I'm so thrilled I thought of the idea.. :) Because otherwise, Jack's birthday would have just gotten lots amongst all the other get-together's everyone is having during this holiday season. So it was very special, and I think he'll remember it.

We all got to play with the bunnies, kiss the llama's, and pet the goat at the barn. Then we had presents and ice cream and it was a grand old time. Thanks to everyone who came, and thank you to the Flamm's for letting us use the barn.


Kelly D. said...

LOVE that picture of you three! You guys look fantastic!

Kyle and Alli said...

What a good looking family! Happy birthday Jack... In four years you have been through more and influenced more lives than most forty year olds. We can't wait to see you guys again!

Amy Gardner said...

A Tiger in the barn? Best Barn party ever! HBD Jack!