Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Son, the Genius.

Merry Christmas, everyone. On a completely non-festive note, I want to acknowledge how very observant my now- four year old son is. He will take note of things visually. Like anywhere he sees the BMW logo, he makes sure to tell me it's "just like our car!" or he pegs any Honda as "Natalie's car" or Prius as "grandma's car" and he knows how to tell which is which.

He also has designated each color as a Disney or Gabba character, as anything red is "Lightning McQueen" and anything green is "Chick Hicks" and so on.

A couple weeks ago it was finally brought to my attention HOW DETAILED Jack's photographic memory is. He came running upstairs to tell me he had "built our house downstairs" and after a lot of 'way to go! good jobs!' he finally took my hand and brought me down to the basement to show me how he had built our house.

After a good look- I realized he did a spectacular job, and I was quite impressed.
Our house is, after all, yellow, tall and skinny with other colored houses on each side, with a pointy roof, and a front door on the right.

Good job, Jack. Way to go.


Thomas said...

What a precocious boy! FYI, architectural studies at your better universities take 5 years--better start saving up for tuition now.


Anonymous said...
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