Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm Thankful for Food..

Probably one of my top five favorite things about the holidays is the food. Trying new things, preparing new things, tasting the old traditional ones. It's just lovely. There are a number of foods that are a must during the holiday's. Shrimp cocktail, always makes an appearance. My mom's ROLLS. She doesn't seem to take as much credit as she should for them. Fernwood's mint sandwiches.. divinity. This year I woke up and decided that these muffins* will be Thanksgiving morning's tradition. They are so easy to make, fast, and melt in your mouth.

Truly, I will make these a lot. Which may deter from the "specialness" of it. But I don't care. Thanksgiving morning, the parade, muffin's, it all works together to make for a wonderful tradition.

A new staple to my list of what to make when people ask me to to bring an hors devours, is this amazing sesame bake. It doesn't look like much, but once cracked open I constantly have people asking me where I got this "rare and delectable cheese." It is a block of philadelphia soaked in soy sauce, rolled in toasted sesame seeds and baked. Incredible.
This dip, which sports the magical colors of Christmas, came to me via a dear friend that more and more we find we are much more domestic than we believed. It is pretty delicious. The tart sweetness that comes from the pomegranate soothes the quiet flavor of the avocado. And the cayenne pepper and corriander gives it a nice kick.

Dinner was spectacular- don't get me wrong. I love my potatoes and gravy. But I sure do love finding new things to bring to the table.

*These recipes are becoming my most favorite to add to my collection. This blogger has the same delightful taste in food as I do, and I am always excited to see what she posts next. Her link is to the left, "Baked Deliciousness"


Lindz said...

YUM! I Love, Love, Love the baked cream cheese from The Dodo, I figured that was how you made it, but I am so glad that have a tried and true recipe!!

Amy Gardner said...

YUMMY. Going to try the muffins, they sound amazing. You little homemaker, you.