Thursday, March 27, 2008

Backyard friends...not the Backyardigans..

This is David and Victoria. Every afternoon they grace us with their presence just below our deck. They don't even come for food really, cause sometimes they just like to sleep there. But I do try to give them a little something every now and then. Jack likes to sit and "quack" at them. And once they are gone he stands out on the deck with his hands palm-up, asking "Where th'ducks go?"

They are our friends.


Ilene said...

Those are the kind of pets that I can handle. The ones who don't need any attention or food beyond the occasional bread crumb.

Laura Lee said...

I wonder how Quack and Squack are doing in Spring Lake in Payson...

At least that's where mom and dad said they took them when they got too big for our backyard in Orem.

How do ducks get too big for your backyard? They probably just left a mess in the sandbox/pond.