Monday, March 24, 2008

Cruel Beauty

The face of a boy who is about to have his head shaved.

Jack has lusterous locks, he truly does. And they are beautiful, I'm often asked if I color his hair. Which I think is a stupid questions and I'm quite offended by it, but at the same time I think how lucky Jack is to have such pretty hair.
However, it grows like a weed and maintenace is a nightmare. I just went to Keish a to get his hair cut and it's not the funnest thing trying to make him sit on that booster and tie something around his nck that prevents him from using his arms. So Josh and I decided that we would give ourselves a break, not to mention Jack- cause this hair gets mega staticy and sticks to his face and ears. But it wasn't in Jack's best interest.

We wanted to give him a mohawk, just for Easter Sunday...but the kid wouldn't hold still and the buzzer was all over the place. So was hair. So we just cleaned him right off and what was left was a perfectly shaped, buzzed head. But also- what seemed to look like a cancer patient.

After a nice thorough shower, Jack was cleaned off and dressed, and he decided to grab the phone and call Grandma to tell her what we did to him.


J n' J said...

Still handsome as ever.

Jenn said...

Same with Payton, someone actually asked me at church if I curled her hair last week. Are you kidding me? Then they asked, 'well (it was obvious they didn't believe me) what products do you use'... uh water. Last summer the crown of her head turned blond & the rest stayed the same. I understood when people would comment, because it really looked unnatural but honestly, die or curl a 2 year olds hair? Seriously who does that? Some people do not think before they speak.

Ilene said...

Right after Jackson's first brithday we started shaving his head. I haven't started on Thomas yet but I imagine we will start this summer.

Jackson cries and screams during the entire process. We find that the portable DVD player comes in handy during hair cut time.

It is always comforting to know after a head has been shaved that it is well-shaped.

kimberlee shaffer said...

he can call Grandma and tell her what happened? Where is my little baby? He is all grown up and handsome as EVER!! i love that little man so much and I would really appreciate it if he would marry Ireland. thank you.

Brit H. said...

He looks so cute! And SO much older! What a babe!

Theresa Rodriguez said...

Oh my gosh that is so funny. Being a hairdresser cutting kids hair is so hard. I feel so bad making them sit there while i torture them with scissors and clippers. I feel like they think if i put clippers near their head i will be shaving it completely off. I commend you for doing it yourselves. Task well done. I love the bangs. My husband wants our child to have a mohawk perminantly like Angelina Jolies child only if its a boy. Hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'd take looking like a cancer patient over having a mohawk any day. Why on earth did you want to make your child look that stupid?

Lisa Marie Trent said...

uh, thanks "anonymous", have you heard of "sarcasm"? Our intentions were to cut all his hair off initially.
Why don't you mind your own business. Stay off my blog.