Thursday, December 30, 2010


I hesitate using the word "resolution" in this matter; I have nothing to resolve, nor am I making any formal declaration of my intentions. I do however wish to make good effort to do or NOT do the items on this list. I enjoy grouping things into measurements of time, so the beginning of a new year seems appropriate for me to make these changes and stick to them knowing I could honestly tell myself that "I have done that since the start of the year."

Number ONE.

Call back anyone who texts me. For those of you who don't know, I hate texting. Not because it is a hassle, and DANGEROUS at times, but because I think it is completely diminishing the human interaction in this world, and ruining social behavior. (This obviously comes with some exceptions..)
- if someone is asking me a one-text question. ie, "What is so-and-so's phone number?"
- if I KNOW the person is in a place where they cannot talk on the phone.
- or if it is a joke that I don't need to respond to.

Number TWO.

Always order LESS than I think I want to eat at restaurants. Most likely, order an appetizer or split an entree. I'm tired of leaving paid for food on the plate and walking away. (and I don't do well with leftovers.) I don't need to eat that much OR PAY that much for that matter. Restaurants are wasting so much food. I wish we could pay by the weight of the food we eat.

Number THREE.

Make an effort to be considerate to strangers. Give people the benefit of the doubt and don't assume everyone is an idiot. I would wish that people would do the same for me when I make mistakes out in the world, like not gunning it immediately when the light turns green...
Perhaps I should add "use my car horn less..." but that can just be a sub-resolution.

I encourage people to not set out-of-reach goals for themselves in 2011. It's truly the small things that count and if we all try to make a SMALL effort to be better people, I think the small efforts could result in big change.

Happy New Year everyone. May 2011 be a cleansing year of growth and discovery..

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kimberlee shaffer said...

so I must have missed the text about you changing your # because I just called and it said your phone was disconnected. and my maiden name was downer not child (= hee hee