Friday, December 17, 2010

It's a Mario World..

Today is Jack's 5th birthday. It was a WONDERFUL day, from start to finish. Jack and Josh went on a special outing to the Discovery Museum, where Josh tells me, Jack was on his best behavior. He also got calls from family and loved ones that are far away- thank you for your love! Meanwhile, I was whipping up a batch of birthday party back home.
Jack had a Mario birthday this year, though he was probably the only one who was familiar with phenomenon, but the other kids seemed to enjoy it nonetheless. First, all of Jack's friends played a game of Gigantic Mario Memory. Everyone did really well, taking turns and staying in tune with the game.
I made a the giant "Memory" game with foam paper, and printed out multiple characters from Mario World (2 of each, obviously) and the kids had to make matches.
(Jack, being Bowser..)

Afterwards, Jack opened his presents from the generous families that attended, and then we ate cake, Firepower cookies, and Star Power cookies. It was a great time. Jack had so much fun and it was so nice to have the adults be outnumbered by the children. (Barely..)
(It's hard to top the "Yo Gabba Gabba Cupcakes" of 2008..)

Each of the little ones got to take home their own Mario Star. Something Jack has a true love for..
Jack obviously has special place in this family, and on this earth. He is a living miracle and we are reminded every day. I love him more that anything and I'm so glad to be here, at this place, with a healthy five year old little boy.

Happy Birthday, Jack! Love.


Kyle and Alli said...

I am incredibly impressed with your Mario party!! Your cookies were dead on impersonations and your party favors are perfect!! I love it! Happy Birthday Jack. We look up to you so stand pretty tall for being only five years old.

Gretchen and Kateena said...

I am doing a mario party for my manlet to be 5 yrs! I LOVE your cookies~

Gretchen and Kateena said...

how did you make those flowers they are fantastic!!

Gretchen and Kateena said...

how did you make those flowers they are fantastic!!

Lisa Marie Trent said...

Gretchen, I made cookie cutters out of card stock, and cut ovals out of the orange, then with a smaller oval, cut a hole out of the orange one, then used the small one to cut yellow ones, then placed them INSIDE the orange ones, and bake them. I made cutters for the leaves too, but the stems barely stuck I the flowers. It was a pretty huge task :) but the result was awesome.