Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Star Was Raised

Last night we got to gather friends and family at the Wishing Place, where Jack got to raise his star into the Make A Wish galaxy, where it will stay forever. Thank you to all those who came, it was so fun to share this with all of you. Jack was so excited to tell his story and show pictures to everyone there.

All of his cousins and friends were very excited about the cake..

They gave us a glass star that Jack was to raise, and we each got to write something on the star. So Jack singed his name, I wrote something, Josh too, and then Grandpa.

The wonderful MAW volunteers helped keep the kids happy by giving them masks to color.

Then they took us on a tour of the Wishing Place, first stop was the "galaxy."

Then up to where the wish tower was. Jack luckily brought his key to the tower- so he let everyone in.

He explained to everyone how he made his wish, and the magical process of doing so.

Then we all ate cake and ice cream, everyone enjoyed it.

Then it was time to raise Jack's star. So we watched as he pulled it all the way to the top.

Then Jack went outside to the wishing well, and made a wish. "I wish that I can stay home!"


These are his wish granters, Sarah and Stuart. They have been a part of this wish each step through. Thank you to them, and to Make A Wish.

I believe this brings a close to this huge chapter of Jack's life, the chapter of ups and downs, hospital visits, surgeries, unexpected changes, hard obstacles and the unknown. However, a lot of that sounds like what is ahead of us as well- but we are thrilled to have completed his surgeries with such success, and happy that he got to celebrate by making a wonderful wish, with unforgettable memories.


Kelly D. said...

Looks like a very special night. I'm glad Piper wore her evening gown.

Nat said...

So awesome. It really was.

Kyle and Alli said...

I am so impressed by the way MAW works to go the extra mile. What a great memory!

Brit H. said...

What an awesome experience. Seriously, I was teary. So glad that he is doing so great!

rudysbeat said...

starting my day with misty eyes. Thanks for sharing. what a special day.

Rolf and Trish