Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Amazing Storyteller

Sometimes....Jack gets in these weird moments of story telling. I'm not even sure how they begin, but once this one started I knew I should record it for posterity.

My favorite parts:

"I got hurt before.."
"Oh, Jack is ruined!"
"Then one day, I went to... a sheriff...."
"Then my tummy grubbled.."
"And there was no chairs and no tables.."


Kyle and Alli said...

Kyle and I think he has a GREAT future in storytelling!! The facial expressions, vocal intonations, and randomness kill me!! He has so much personality poured into that tiny body!

Laura Lee said...

I love any story where there are four or five sceplosions.

Carter said...

My kids do this too -- it's so funny how they simultaneously exhibit supreme confidence in what they're telling you but also having absolutely no idea what they're going to say next.

Nat said...

He should be an engineer. Apparently he knows how to put things back together.

The Simmons Family said...

That is awesome!! What great expressions!!!