Monday, January 5, 2009

A Decade or more ago..

This goes out to my homies, the homies from the days passed. Unforgotten days, due to these terribly embarrassing photos. For those who are offended by this, or wish I hadn't posted these photos, TOO BAD, they are MY photos....neener neener neener.

(Photos in no particular order)

Below, we have one of many trips to Las Vegas. This was certainly a treat for whoever took the picture.. Date estimate..spring '2000? Or 2001....Help.

Next.. a random night out at TGI FRIDAY'S. Yes Amy, you were there. Thank you for coming.
This is kind of the days when we all wore too dark of lipstick. Date.. '99. Ish.

Ah yes...this is up at Lyndsey's place in Malad, ID. We all look like we are having tons of fun. But later, Krista and her british boyfriend get Lynn's Hummer stuck in 2 feet of snow, and Lyndsey and I are left to dig it out. 2001.

Vegas....same trip as above. Nat and Stef. Natural high...

Deb and I were always good and taking pictures of the two of us, by ourselves. 2000.

Jess and Lyndsey being rambunctious. This was at Snowbird. Um...1999? Maybe '98.

Lyndsey, rockin the guitar. Why? I don't know. Halls of Alta. '99.
Now we move on to more mature times, College. You wonder how this went down.
"Hey lets get a picture with the big gorilla!"
"I'm gonna pick his nose!"
"Me too! And mine!"
"I'm gonna grab his butt!"

And as the grand finale-- how I ended up with this? I don't know. But this was Brooke's picture for Varsity try-outs. Pretty freakin awesome.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and thanks to the unkowing participants. I am only through ONE box of my old photos, so stay tuned for a sequel.


Paul and Deborah Speed said...

Wow. Awesomely embarrassing for so many of us. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Brit H. said...

Ha ha ha. Awes. When we moved a while ago, I was going through old pics too. It was fun to see and remember those days. I was thinking of posting some pics back then, but I forgot. I think that I will do it now. Maybe I can find one really attractive pic of all of us. ha ha.

Michael and Krista said...

Hey little missy! This crazy blog world is a web of connections. I am glad I happened upon this little post. Hillarious. The British boyfriend- gotta love that fantastic episode in my life.
By the way, I helped dig it out and I believe the tractor was our saving grace!!! Good times.

Jess said...

WOW. I had not seen that one of ey with Lynds on my back! And the good ol' Malad trip. yikes, I look 12?!?!? Thanks for posting. A decade really??? Really???

Lisa Marie Trent said...

Ok- so the malad ones may only be 8 years old. But still. It seems like a decade.