Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Well that was a very nice Christmas"

Due to the fablous gift from Josh, my images will be more crisp, colorful, and accurate from now on.
Yes, I got my DLSR.
Christmas was more chaotic this year than ever before. I think it's the 5 parties we have in a row this week- 3 down, 2 to go.
Jack was pleasantly surprised Christmas morning and immediately begn opening everything in front of him (mind you, Santa doesn't wrap presents in the Trent home.) So Jack broke through to his toys quite quickly.
Josh surprised me with my camera which he lead me to believe that I wasn't getting, and also an iPod Nano. Which was totally unexpected, but much appreciated.
Josh's guitar arrived promptly on Christmas Eve, so it was here just in time for Christmas morning, he is such the Johnny Cash.
We had alot of fun, alot of food, and obviously- alot of snow.
Merry Christmas everyone-
Are you ready? a-break it down: (Gabba reference.)


kimberlee shaffer said...

I am so so jealous!! I want a nice camera so bad. I did get my Mac though which I too was not expecting. when ya coming to visit?

laura said...

Cute pictures. I want a SLR

Anonymous said...

Nice pics girl! Seriously though...the quality looks really good.