Thursday, December 13, 2007

What Happened to Steve?

Due to my discussion with Jessica about our "Steve versus Joe" conflict, I was inclined to do some research and find out what exactly DID happen to Steve.

Steve Burns auditioned for Nickelodeon thinking he'd be a voice-over. That wasn't the case, and somehow the grungy rocker made the part. For six years, he acted in front of a blue screen playing around with a blue, felt puppy.

One night, on his way to pick up a date, he saw a mailbox with a blue pawprint on it that said "You figured it out! It's Jonathan's Birthday!" So he picked up his date, changed his clothes into the fruitstripe outfit, and made a surprise appearance at Jonathan's birthday party.

Though it was a hit, he realized that he could keep doing this forever and make THAT who he was, or go do many other exciting things. So he made the decision. Now, he is a rockstar, and stupid annoying "Joe" took his place, leaving kids with someone who talks to them like they're idiots, and could possibly be eaten alive by his own eyebrows.

To learn more about Steve, go to

I feel a good sense of closure.


Ilene said...

So that's what happened. I really don't like the new guy either. Then they also introduced Blues' long lost brother (or sister?), Sprinkles. I can't handle all of the change so we have tuned out.

We'll Call her "Lisa" said...



laura said...

So I had to click on the comments to see if other people knew what in the world you were talking about.

At first I was thiking, "Did Lisa go out with a steve in highschool? Did she just learn what he's been up to? Wow. Imagine that..."

Alas, it's a show for kids on cable. I have neither. So I don't feel so lame.