Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Eve-ning...

Though I wish I could stay up and just PARTY HARD ALL NIGHT LONG!!! ...I made the decision that that wasn't going to be an option for a long long time when I chose to have Jack.
However, despite the fact that we went to bed around 10:30 or so, we had a BLAST at the Okubo's beforehand.
To explain who the Okubo's are, those of you who know Jen, my BFF for life, has a boyfriend named BRICE who has an awesome family that so generously took us in. It has sort of become a tradish, since we did the same thing last year.
The house is always full of yummy smells and every hall is decked with holiday fun and the people are always a hoot.
The Guitar Hero doesn't hurt either. But since we only had two guitars amongst the 25 people, we settled for good old fashioned "Round the World" ping-pong.

Thank you to the Okubo's, for your cookies, conversation and electricity. Here are some highlights:

Jen watchin Brice ROCK the fake guitar.

Chris and her soon to be pretty cookies.

The Pretty Cookies

Okubo Clan

Adorable Teagan "Stop taking pictures you're FREAKIN ME OUT!"

Jen and Teags

Good Times, Good Times.

Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night.


Ilene said...

I'm impressed with the cookie and Teagan pictures.

I had a rocking New Years' Eve which consisted of blogging until 3am. I hate downloading pictures. I like to suffer for my art.

Theresa Rodriguez said...

lisa...yay you have a blog. so do i! Woo hoo. We are now officially BBF (blog buddies forever) So glad you had a great holiday season. Cant wait to keep in touch via yet another world wide web connection. Happy New Years! Theresa