Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hair Cuts.

When I was about 12 or 13, I needed a hair cut. This is the earliest haircut I remember, though when I was eight (despite my extremely naturally curly hair...) I got a perm. I still don't understand why that happened. But this hair cut as a pre-teen, I remember well, because my mom took me to Fantastic Sam's on Fort Union. Out of all the Super Cuts, Sport Clips and other "get the job done" places, I'm not sure why she chose Fantastic Sam's.

I remember them treating me like an adult, asking me if there was anything I'd like to read while I was getting my hair done. They made small chit-chat about school while I was being shampooed and rinsed. I felt very special like I was at the "Salon" now, where it wasn't just about getting your hair cut but about the whole experience, and walking away feeling like new. I began to really like it.

When the cut was finished- this is where everything halted in slow motion, my confusion set in, and knew I would never return to Fantastic Sam's again. They asked me to step off the chair, then bend down and pick up a lock of my hair that had just been chopped. Then, they led me to a wall with a tiny little door, with a knob, and told me to put the hair in it. Totally grossed out and concerned about why I was cleaning up my own mess, I put the hair in and heard a sound. They all looked at me with excitement and I suddenly felt like I was 6 as they motioned for me to open the door back up. Inside was a lime green, plastic bracelet. Not hiding my complete disappointment and resentment that the people that had made me feel so grown-up were turning their backs on me to make me feel like an infant, rewarding my "good behavior" with a cheap prize, I picked up the bracelet and went home.

Since then I've spoiled myself in this department. I have spent exorbitant amounts of money on my hair, only for a small allotted time in my life. The result were good, but certainly not worth the money. The hip music, products, and hair styles of the stylists themselves were enough to make me feel good about opening up my wallet.

Nowadays, I have settled in with a good friend who cuts my hair. The thing I like most about her is that her cuts and colors get better with age. I get more compliments a few weeks out from my cuts and colors, rather than right after I get them. They are long lasting... and well worth any money or effort. That's hard to find.

Jack is my new worry. I've been taking him to Cookie Cutters where they go way out of their way to make the kids happy, with movies, fun automobiles to sit in and balloons and candy. But Jack has past the point of needing to be pleased/distracted while he gets his hair cut. I'm hoping I can just take him to the Sport Clips next to Quizno's and get the pieces he's cut with his safety scissors evened out- for around $6. I don't feel bad about the price, and they certainly won't be asking him to pick up his gross, severed hair off the ground to redeem it for something. Perhaps I can learn how to cut his hair myself...

I'll google it later.


Kyle and Alli said...

Funny. I have been the opposite. I continue to go to cheap places and get ok haircuts just because I am too cheap to pay more. The two times in my life I have sprung to go to a nice salon and get the pampered experience I have loved it, but I am too cheap to go back. I need to find a consistent friend to do my hair. I do however cut Grant and Kyle's hair. Kyle's usually looks good, but Grant's is an adventure every time.

Jergs Family said...

I went to Fantastic Sam's too in 1985! I was 15 and wanted a perm (even though I have naturally curly hair). I only paind $19.85 for mine (the "year" special) but I don't think I had to pick up my gross hair and drop it anywhere. Gross!

I LOVE getting my hair cut as well and go to a friend in my neighborhood. I will spend lots of my hair too. Kevin on the other hand has gone to "Bob the Barber" and even tried the "Flowbie" once. (I would only recommend that if you need a great laugh). Finally, he convinced me to learn how to cut his hair. So for the past 15 years or so I've cut his hair and now cut John's. If I can do it, anyone can! The greatest thing is to hear people ask John who cuts his hair, and he gets to say "My mom cuts it!"