Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yet another wreath..

This actually doesn't look anything like it is supposed to. But most of you don't know that.

This was a test run for Craft Night. That's right, I am part of a craft night. Possibly the co-creator of it. But I have a great group of girls that all love to get together and make fun things. At least I hope they love it, they could all be humoring me.. which is sweet, but nevertheless we have gotten quite a bit done over the last few years.

To be quite honest I'm not sure how it began. But it picked up and we started getting some regulars, and most of the time we get a few newbies. Sometimes it's just not their bag...
I believe our very first official craft night was in October 2008. We did the most darling little pumpkin lanterns. They were glass votives
with oil painted inside and a jack-o-lantern face etched on the outside. Super duper cute. Halloween for some reason is the easiest holiday to come up with crafts for. I'm not sure why. But lately, Martha Stewart glitter has become a staple with our Halloween Craft, it is also known as the "herpes of the craft world."
It is certainly the most fine, and beautiful of all glitters, but it gets EVERYWHERE.

I've lost most of my crafts in the flood, but looking back at these pictures reminds me of what we've done and helps give me more ideas of what to do next. Plus I can make these over again... ugh.

Sometimes my craft nights spill over into my family. My mother-in-law was in town and she came with me over to my aunts where my cousins were gathered, and we all made the papier mache eggs.
Those are REALLY involved.. with the blowing out of the eggs, the intricate cutting of the delicate tissue paper, and the stickiness of the modge-podge-glue concoction they are held together with. One of the best treats from these activities is to see what everyone comes up with. Each person has their own style and preference and with one craft- can come so many different results.

Sometimes, Craft Night is help at other people's homes, and they come up with the idea. That is always fun, and sometimes a challenge... I enjoy planning them because I have a head start and I can make sure I actually know how to do the craft. Keisha through me for a loop with those eggs. But it is so fun to participate with everyone else, instead of being the instructor. However, I am a lot like my mom where I mostly enjoy watching everyone have a good time in a setting I provided.
Our most recent Craft Night was for Christmas, and every did an EXCELLENT job with their snowflakes. I still have hundreds of paper bags if you would like to make more..

Christmas was really fun because we had lots of snacks, Christmas music and new friends. I love these nights and I want to thank my good friends and family that attend them. It is so much fun not only to make something together, but to just get together.

Anyone wanting to participate in these is welcome. It is a pressure-free atmosphere where you can create what you want however you want.

Thanks girlies, for everything.


Aaron and Erica said...

Awww cute post! I love craft night :) Thanks for letting me join. Ps I love that wreath!

Liz said...

I wish I lived close because I would totally be there for craft night! I would love a tutorial on the snowflakes, but maybe next year when I like snow again!

MandiScandal said...

Im inviting myself to one. I want to join.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

Give me your email Mandi and I'll send you the invite!

Chicks-with-Sticks said...

Hello!!!! I have only been invited to one. I love the crafting!!! Send me an invite Lisa. Mandi and I want to come. (and you have my email address and my phone number AND you know where I live)

Andy's Mommy said...

Oh I SO want to come to this! Okay so it's a little socially off to jump around a beg for an invitation... maybe I won't do that. Maybe. But for an art school drop-out, lonely mother it is tempting!