Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Weekenders

I am now confident that if I were to run a marathon over the course of a weekend, I could do it. Though I haven't, I sure feel like I spent the weekend running around, huffing and puffing. But in the whirl of it all, I did manage to have a great time.

We spent the regrettable occasion of Natalie turning 30 at my cabin, in Midway. It was truly a blast, and a great way to blaze the trail for all the others of us turning 30 in the upcoming months. We discovered new species, ate kabobs, opened presents relived horrible moments in our past, ate rainbow cake and dug 1973 Jeeps out of ditches. Splendid times.

It was nothing but the luxury of Fall.

If ANYONE knows what this spider/grasshopper/potatobug/alien is, please contact me.
ANSWER: Jerusalem Cricket.

This cake was kind of the bane of my existence.

Our southerners.

Our welcomed new-comers.

Our islanders.

Our birthday girl.

Our fat dog.

Our skinny dog.

Our twins.

Our dog-lover.

Our hair-cutter.

Our candle-lighter.

Our wish-maker.

My masterpiece.

Josh's masterpiece.

Jeep getting stuck story: Josh, Jon and Jason decided to skip off for a minute to go four-wheeling in the Jeep (Mind you, we may be driving it, but it is not OUR Jeep..) I guide them of where to go to find a fun trail, and they disappear for a couple of hours. The sun began to nestle itself deep in the west, and I called them to see when they'd be back. Josh informed me in a high, squeaky voice that they were "stuck." Debating on whether it was serious or not, we decided to accept Tyson's generous offer to take his f350 up to see if he could help. I went with him to tell him where to go. The path quickly became narrow, being that the 350 was HUGE. We kept going further, and honking to see if we were close, but they could never hear us. Once the path was nearly impossible to get through, I started hiking in the pitch dark with my wee little flashlight to find them. They hiked down to Tyson's truck and we all took turns holding back trees so Tys could get through. Eventually we made it to the Jeep- which you see above, tucked in the mega-deep ditch. Turns out, the 4-wheel drive button is in the glove box. So they switched that on, cut down some trees, planted some logs in the ditch, hitched up the tow, and Tyson mightily pulled the Jeep out to safety.

Yep. The Jeep's OK.


Laura Lee said...

I love the pictures! And that cake looks amazing.

And that bug is the creepiest thing I've ever seen. I vote for alien.

Happy Birthday Nat!

Nat said...

Definitely Alien. That's what I said the whole time.

And thanks Laura!!