Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fairview, UT

(I hadn't heard of it either..)

This weekend we took a family trip up to one of Joshs's partners' cabin in Fairview. Despite our efforts to gather a group to go up to this nice, accommodating cabin, it turned out to be just the three of us. Nevertheless, we had a blast, and spent most of our time on the ATV exploring the surroundings, doing our best not to bother "Sherm" the neighbor. Or the sheep we kept running into.

At first it took us a while to find some good trails, but we ended up taking a good hour trip up a mountain to the skyline, and it was beautiful. Jack was an absolute trooper, bouncing around on that ATV. He calls it, lovingly, the "motor."

I also got some excellent star shots after our marshmallow roasting session in the fire pit. There were millions and millions of stars, and my camera in fact caught more than my naked eye. So here is a taste of "Fairview" and we invite you all to come up next time.

(Love it up there with those leaves)

(Some cliffs we rode by)

(Jack loved the "motor" but had frequent stops, due the lasix)

(Some views from the skyline trail)

(A picture Jack took)

(Our picnic spot)

(Thank heavens for camera timers)

(The view from the trail when we finally realized we were getting somewhere)

(All those stars)

(Sheep- looking at us menacingly)

(Some surprisingly clear water)

(This is not the cabin. The cabin has doors and windows..)

(Our source of fun)

(the source of my fun..)

Seriously, come with us next time.


Laura Lee said...

Can't wait to see the cabin.

That's awesome that you got some leaves that have turned.

Kyle and Alli said...

What fun! I have a former roommate who grew up in Fairview and she always brags about what a beautiful place it is. I am glad you got a great getaway!