Monday, July 19, 2010

River Trip with a Bunch of Strangers

This last weekend I was lucky enough to go on a "girl's trip" to Jackson, and raft down the Snake River. At the very last minute, the only person that I actually KNEW dropped out, and I was left to make my very own new friends. I made sure to take note of all 20 girls' names, memorize them, and ask them questions about themselves. Maybe if I did these things more often as a teenager, I'd have more friends. Anyway.

(This is Nicole, she is a neighbor of a really good friend of mine, she was such a sport for dragging me along.)

We rafted 7 miles down the snake river, three different times. Each time was VERY different from the other. Sometimes it would be very mild, other times people got sucked into the rapids, other times we didn't really pay attention and ran into rocks. All of it was very fun.

We camped at Wolf Creek, just 20 miles outside of Jackson Hole. One night we ate dinner at El Abuelito's. It's a really good mexican place- that may have been "really good" because we were all starving.

I cliff jumped, which isn't a big deal for me because I love heights and water, but since I have had a child, I have this crazy sense of vulnerability that stops me from doing dangerous things.
But I did it.

The rest of the time we cooked and ate our own food, (provided by wonderful Nicole and Natalie..) and the rest provided wonderfully humorous stories. It was so much fun and I was very lucky to be included. So who wants to get together and do this with me?? Anyone?


Kell's Belles said...

From the looks of it, they aren't strangers anymore! I'm so glad that you got to go and have an adventure :)

Kyle and Alli said...

Oh my gosh. How fun is that! I love that you still went even without knowing anyone directly.

kimberlee shaffer said...

wow that sounds so fun! and your family trip below is really pretty (=