Friday, July 30, 2010

Durham Family Cedar City Trip

Since I can remember, our family has gone to Cedar City for the Shakespearean Festival. I have gone through many phases of this trip. Phase one, not remembering anything except being dropped off at the childcare center while the adults went to plays. Phase two, staying at the hotel and running a muck around the hotel with the other kids we had there. Phase three, being old enough to GO to the plays, but not understand them or understand why I had to sit still for so long. And phase four, adult only trip, nothing but relaxation in between plays and an appreciation for Shakespeare and his poetic language.

Now we are on phase five, complete go-go-go trip with getting kids dressed, fed, to sleep, into swimsuits, to the festival, to the childcare, hurry to the play, pick up kids, back to the hotel.... etc.

Nevertheless, it was so much fun and I am truly grateful that my parents are keeping the tradition alive. Grandma was an excellent hostess, keeping the kids entertained with generous amounts of gifts and snacks and plenty of hugs.

The festival has changed somewhat, the accents aren't as predominant as they used to be, and the tart wenches look like they are fourteen years old. However I am pleasantly surprised by the talent and my ability to absorb the plays for what they are and how they were performed. We saw Great Expectations and Merchant of Venice.

Playing "Mrs. Haversham" in Great Expectations, was Ellen Crawford who has played many roles on television. I recognized her immediately as one of the witnesses on Boston Legal, because Josh and I have been watching season after season lately. She played the housekeeper that may, or may have not murdered her employer. She sure did enjoy the festival though.

We usually try to make a trip up to one of the MANY national or state parks located in souther Utah. This trip we went to Cedar Breaks. It was quite beautiful with the gray overcast clouds and the bright red rock. I always find the outdoors breathtaking and consider dropping everything to come be a ranger.

Unfortunately Jack hasn't learned that appreciation yet and was being quite a stinker. But her reminded me a lot of myself, the first time I went to Yellowstone and couldn't stop complaining about one thing or another. And Josh was stuck on a phone call for the entire visit to the cliffs. But I captured it all on camera... so they can all enjoy it LATER.

Again, the beauty is indescribable, hence the pictures. I truly enjoy the air, the quiet, the smells and the tiny wildlife than surrounds you in these parks. It's like my Disneyland.

Carter, Laura and Dad. There they are.

Then we had a picnic at Navajo Lake. It was very peaceful and everyone had a good time whether it was throwing rocks into the lake, hitting golf balls into the lake... or fighting over hostess cupcakes.

The kids really enjoyed the Green Show and had fun dancing around with the "players" or whatever they are to be called. I enjoyed my tarts. All apple, summerberry, cheesecake and raspberry ones.

This girl is super awesome because she has a brown eye and a blue eye. Tessa and I had some good times together. We watched Toy Story together till midnight. Her favorite character is Slinky, the dog.

And this is Sadie. She looks like she's been abandoned at the Lake, but she hasn't.

All in all it was a wonderful trip and I had a great time. I can't wait to move onto phase six, where my kids are old enough to either keep themselves company while Josh and I go to plays with other adults, or old enough to want to join us.

Perhaps that's phase seven. Or eight.


Kell's Belles said...

Great post, Lisa! That picture of Tessa's eyes made me SO happy (I've never been able to capture it quite like that--I may have to steal the picture to put on my blog to prove to people that her eyes really are two different colors! I'll give you credit, of course).

One of my favorite quotes from the trip came courtesy TD:

"Everybody, calm down. We're going to survive this cupcake disaster!"

We sure did. But just barely.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

That and my "I've Never" contribution.

It really was a fun trip. I can't wait to expand to further, more exotic places... we all need to do san Diego together soon. Don't panic- it can be done :)

Carter said...

Yeah, loved this post. Thanks Lisa. Something tells me Phase 5 lasts a LONG time though. Great.

Everyone should get to see Macbeth with the wind howling through the theater, and lightning and thunder making constant appearances. Spooky.

Thanks for watching the kids Wednesday and saving us $80. Is it ironic that we paid more for babysitting than for the play we were going to see?!

It is fun though. I'll be sad when they build that new theater and everything is in a different part of town...

Kell's Belles said...

Um, I'll go to San Diego if all my kids can ride in your car ;)