Tuesday, June 1, 2010

With Great Respect on Memorial Day-

(written in great detail for posterity, so I can remember what a great trip this was..)

This time last year was a mess. So to be able to head down to St. George and romp around like a bunch of kids was SO much fun, and Jack loved every minute of it, and was very sad to leave "Curious George." We went with Jen, Key and Teagan, and Jen's brother Spencer and his girlfriends Hailey.

We left Friday and got there in time to relax and eat some food before the Midnight 5k that began at 11:00pm. Josh was the supporting husband who chose to run with me, just so I wasn't alone running out there in the dark. This was our route:

It was 3.1 miles in the nice cool air, but with a head wind on the incline. Josh and I finished at 31:18. Which was better than my race for the cure time, so I was proud. Everyone had glow sticks and flashing lights, it was really cool. Once we finished they had Gatorade and Pizza for everyone and we headed home to SLEEEEP.

Then it was time to chill out and relax- so we spent some time at the pool the next morning, after eating some delicious breakfast at the "Bear Paw" whose menu was EXCELLENT. Meanwhile, Jack and Teagan were having a blast together, making things much easier and more fun for all parents.

After the mega hot day at the mega cold pool, the kids took naps and Jen and I went on an excursion to find "Settler's of Catan" to play later. Little did we know Josh's hunger for it would grow so much as to call everyone he knew to play it when we got home. Jen and I also grabbed some bubble tea and some Jack in the Box Tacos for everyone.

It was around this time that the Wii playing become quite intense. We brought Super Mario Bros. Wii and it is proving to be quite addicting. I love it though. Really a fun game.

That night we ate at the Pizza Factory with the rest of the entire town, and had Frozen Custard after. It was a late night of Wii playin.

The next morning the whole family headed to Snow Canyon. Jack jumped out of the car and said "MOM! WE'RE IN RADIATOR SPRINGS!!" It was adorable... this is Radiator Springs:

We did the "hidden pinyon" trail, which was about a mile round trip. It was defnintely warm but not unbearable. Right of the bat Jack got bit by an ant that he tried to pick up and his finger started to bleed and sting. He was pretty hysterical, but more because his feelings were hurt. He couldn't understand why an ant would bite him for no reason. Once that saga passed we had a BLAST climbing around on rocks, finding caves, and exploring. It was really a great hike.

After the hike we went to this park right by our condo that was one of the craziest most dangerous parks I've ever seen. But the big kids had a BLAST. (As well as the little ones, just at a scarier expense..) Then it was nap time... or swimming time. The pool felt so nice cause the heat was getting intense. We decided to do homemade chicken tacos so we whipped up a meal and then Spencer and Hailey left. The rest of us played Settlers of Catan. It is quite involved- but we had our ice cream and magic shell- and we had a great time. I won, too.

The next morning we packed up and trekked home. GOOD TRIP. Thanks everyone who came, we all make excellent travel companions, let's do it again soon.

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Laura Lee said...

"Radiator Springs".

That reminds me of our South Dakota road trip and Mom woke up from a nap in the car and said, "Look! We're in teletubby land!"

Looks like you had a blast. I take mosquito bites personally too. "What did I do to you?" "Why me? There are other people here?"