Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Ask Grandma."

For about a year, Jack has been asking me to go into Build-A-Bear. Don't ask me how he knows what's in there, they must have had a professional decorate the exterior of those stores to look like some sort of ride at Disneyland, because without fail, no matter where we are, if there is a Build-A-Bear, Jack asks to go in.

And without fail, each time, I say "Ask Grandma, maybe Grandma will take you there."

My mother, bless her heart, took Jack to Build-A-Bear. She tended him for a whole three days in fact, while Josh and I escaped reality to regroup ourselves after a long, arduous summer of mental distress and worry. Jack didn't seem TOO bummed that we were gone, but his fun escapades with Grandma surely took part in that.

Upon arrival, Jack was immediately interested in the machinery at the store. Not really the toys. He had one in mind however, the polar bear. Unfortunately he wasn't available. So Jack immediately went for this. As happy as we all are about Jack's passion for world peace- we decided to get him a regular bear. The stuffing part scared the hell out of him- as I imagine it would, watching your teddy limp and lifeless, get stuffed vigorously with 'teddy bear guts.' But in the end, this is what we ended up with..

Meet, Dr. Benji:
(he comes complete with "x-a-ray")

And Jack INSISTED that he get Josh and I each, a beating heart.. Because lets be honest, he owes us one. (They do actually beat. Creepy.)

It was heart warming, to have him be so excited to give these to us. He was thrilled. I loved it.

Oh, and this is what Dr. Benji looks like on his days off.

To top off the visit to BAB, Jack left a LARGE puddle on the floor, due to his diuretic's, and my mom not thinking to asking him if he needs to go to potty every ten minutes. It takes a good fourty-five to "build" a bear. So, cheers to BAB, for cleaning that up. In the words of my mom, "For what I paid for that bear, the least they can do is clean up Jack's pee."

(I'll post about Vegas later. This was more important.)


Kyle said...

We just got internet and I had to immediately check and see what you guys were up to. I was not disappointed! In fact, Kyle and I are cracking up at this whole experience... the world peace bear and the pee... awesome! Does this mean you guys are attempting potty training with him since diapers are no longer a hospital requirement? Yikes. I can't wait to hear about Vegas.... we just got back from our cabin and thought.... "we need to get Josh, Lisa, and Jack up here before the snow starts flying!".... think about your schedules ok?

Kyle said...

oh, looks like I am logged in as Kyle... I promise we were reading it together!


Lindz said...

I have that same conversation with my people every time they see a Build a Bear, and I agree with your Mom, cleaning up the pee IS the least they can do!!