Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another Post-Op Appt.

We woke up quite anxious, with Jack's face a little puffy and we had started giving him a little bit of fat. So our expectations of his x-ray were all over the place. To our surprise, and relief- the x-ray looked great. On top of that, Jack's saturations were 88-90. I was so happy. Jack was in the best of spirits, running up and down the halls of Primary's with the happiest attitude. We sat down with Dr. Su and Dr. Jou, and they agreed to take him down one dose of diuretics. (This always scares me, because I have the attitude of if it 'aint broke don't fix it, and Jack was doing great on his med schedule.)

So down one dose we went. As we we were about to stand up and leave the examination room, Jack suddenly said "Thank you Dr. Soup! Thank you for my heart!" and hugged Dr. Su's shoulder. It was absolutely heart melting.

That was tuesday. Of COURSE- wednesday morning, Jack wakes up with a runny nose. Something inside me panics when he adds any kind of symptom, heart-related or not. Runny noses have nothing to do with the heart. But this is all what happened last time. We went down on the diuretic's, Jack started getting sick, and we ended up admitting him for another chest tube. I'm so psycho now. I need to remember that this time is different, because we had surgery to prevent pleural effusions and we have taken extreme precautions to keep them from occurring again.

I still try to limit Jack's fat intake to 3-5 grams per serving. The Dr.'s want to see us again in 6 weeks. (Dr. Jou suggested 6 MONTHS, but Dr. Su knew better...)

So everyone pray that we continue on with progress...


Kyle and Alli said...

The dreaded runny nose! I was so sad. I was looking forward to running around on the grass outside in a non hospital setting so we could play with a non traumatized Jack! Get better fast so you don't join us this hospital stay!!!!!!!!!!

Miss you guys!

little moma (Summ) said...

Great sats. Great progress, ya meds can be so tricky. Taylor is off all meds currently and doing well (maybe theres hope in that?)

Jergs Family said...

We are praying that Jack gets better really fast, because he needs to come up and meet Carl the leopard gecko! We'd love for you guys to come up next week if you can. How is your Tuesday looking so far?