Sunday, October 12, 2008

That's right, I let him do it.

Sometimes, when my husband leaves town, I get desperate for activities. I'm not sure why, because it's not like he is constantly providing us with things to do such as crafts or bake fairs...but for some reason, I feel compelled to do things I usually wouldn't.

So Jack and I did finger painting. Luckily, this paint washed off of most things that it got on. But Jack had a blast and enjoyed the "smearing" effect. Which didn't bode well for the "hand print" painting I tried to create. But all that matters is that Jack had fun, and that the clocked ticked away while we did it.

In addition to crafts, I like to make yummy things. Like the S'mores Bars Brittany so generously shared. Or some sort of cupcake, or pudding. (Extra special pudding with dark chocolate melted into it. Mmm.)

So if anyone has other fun ideas. Please post a blog about them. And maybe I'll do it.


J n' J said...

Have you tried this one? It is all water soluble so makes for easy clean up.

Kelly Durham said...

Nice blue hands! If only I had ideas to suggest. My favorite is a game called "Everybody Start Picking Up Toys Right Now Or I'm Getting Out The Trash Bags!" But I'm a mean mom.

Sometimes your Lost countdown makes me want to cry. There are a LOT of days until Lost.

Brit H. said...

Oh man, I know how that goes. I HATE when Craig is out of town, not like he is here during the day anyway, right? Anyway, I have tons of recipes and stuff to do. I usually take half of whatever treat that I make to a friend/neighbor. It kills more time that way.

HollyRenee said...

Yeah, my hubby is absent a lot too. Wait, ALWAYS:) I'm trying to think of things I used to do with Ev but it's been like 30 years. Lol.

My faves were always breaking out the arts and crafts and MAKING EV make something:) Does Jackson like to help you cook?

Ev loved to break the eggs and pour shit into shit...

Cameron's Corner said...

My wife loves to do really messy activities right before I get home from work.

It's so awesome!