Thursday, October 30, 2008

I dreamt a dream..

Occasionally, I have TRULY facinating dreams, which is where the address to my blog orginated. And recently I had one that I am still trying to understand WHERE in the world it came from. But let me set you up with the context.

In my dream, my friends and I were at an Aquarium, and there was a little video showing in a mini theater. So we went in to watch, and here was the short story it told.

There was a great ship, and the captain had his crew working hard to sail this ship to find treasure. The treasure was far away, but they were getting close. Due to his greed and desire, the captain of the ship had everyone push hard enough to reach the ships maximum speed. This was dangerous, but the captain wanted to be the first to get to the gold.

In the rush, the captain didn't see a large rock jutting out of the sea, and because of how fast the ship was going, they could not slow down enough to dodge it. The captain, in fear of the inevitable, tried to turn the ship to avoid the rock but KNEW it would eventually hit and most likely sink.

In his shame he quietly snuck off the ship, taking the only available boat and rowed away from the speeding ship. He watched as the ship hit the rock with unbelievable force, and heard the screams from his crew.

Just then, out of the golden clouds in the sky, came a voice as if from heaven. It said "AND IT SHALL RISE!"

The captain, frightened, stood up in his boat doing what he could to please this mysterious voice. But suddenly, the damaged ship that was filling up with water started to rise out of the sea, HIGH into the air, and float. The captain stared in amazement when instantly the ship DROPPED out of the sky and CRASHED to the water, sending a huge wave in his direction. The captain was thrown from the boat and struggled to swim.

From out of nowhere, a crazy bearded man flailing his arms swam up to the captain and wrapped his arms around his waist and dragged him under the water. The captain tried to swim to the surface but was pulled to his death.

So. Moral? Those who are greedy and deceitful shall be punished by a higher power.

I guess.

Someone tell me why I am dreaming such things.

(note: and apparently, in my dream, I closed my eyes while the captain was being dragged o the bottom of the ocean, because Natalie pulled me aside after the video and asked me if I saw the captain scratching the arms of the crazy man to get him to let go. I'm glad I didn't see that part.)


Laura Lee said...

Hmmm...I think the ship represents your household. I don't want to say the captain represents your husband...but if I'm going to go with captain of the ship and head of household, that makes sense. And it makes sense that you wouldn't want to watch while the evil man pushed your husband under the water.

Of course, beards in dreams usually represent wisdom and old age. I don't know if this is true in your case. Maybe you think old people are crazy.

The voice from heaven should be God, but why would God make the ship "rise" and then drop it? That's just mean.

Or maybe you just watched Titanic.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

This wasn't necessarily a "good ship" and the captain wasn't ever really a "good person" but he was being punished for being so greedy and putting the lives of his crew members at stake to get what he wanted, then cowardly leave them to die from his mistake.

AND- the story itself wasn't my dream, so it isn't necessarily directly attached to my life. Maybe I just want to go to an aquarium.

Amy said...

Yes that is...interesting. Ask Natalie. Apparently she watched the whole thing.

Enjoy the fact that you are dreaming. Means you are asleep which I think is underated anyway....

Nat said...


the lockes said...

Amazing dream and so vividly remembered and retold. I quite like the featured picture-just added to the whimsy. Maybe this will become a recurring dream and you can try to glean lots from it.

Paul and Deborah Speed said...

Wow. You should take that one to a therapist. You could get several good sessions out of that dream! Paul has a recurring dream that he is an emperor penguin and he can never move very fast because of his little waddling legs and it makes him sooooo mad. Dreams are weird.