Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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So, though I had practically given up becuase "Joylynne" had said she wanted to work things out and never again called to make an appointment- we are still paying off our $1000 with Tru Talent.
So I get a call from them saying our card declined. This is happened before, but the card they had was a Mastercard, and Josh and I don't have a Mastercard. COMFORTING. Anyway, this time it was the right card, and there was money in the bank, so I said "You know, it's really hard for us to give you guys money when we haven't heard from you in months." After realizing i was about to tear into some little accounting chick that had no control, I decided to stop. I told her I'd check the bank and call her back.
I check, there's money, I call, and she says "Sorry, our fault, we input the wrong expiration date!"

..ha ha.

She then asked "So what was the problem you had, tell me again?" and I explained to her our situation and she assured us that someone would call us.
LOW AND BEHOLD! Someone actually does. "Clayton" called my phone and asked what he could do for me. I've never heard of Clayton, but I told him the whole story, and he said "Well, I am new here and just trying to get things in order." And I asked "Why would a new guy call me?" and he said "Joylynne is no longer with Tru Talent."


So Clayton is our new agent, and is going to do what he can to make us happy. He said he'd take a look at Jack's portfolio, mind you- he doesn't look anything like he does in the pictures we are spending $1000 on.

Ugh, that's all.


laura said...

Maybe I can send them the picture of Jack in the dressing room pouring all the ice out of the cup of what used to be Dr. Pepper.

That was pretty dang cute.

Ilene said...

Hey there!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. That was fun. I really have a love for comments. I feel super important now.

Jack's story sounds familiar. Ask Laura about the time she worked for a credit card company up in Portland with Marni. I think a week after they hooked up with the company, the office moved.

So, have the pictures of Jackson been taken? I want to see. Jack is such a cutie. Of course anyone named Jackson Thomas would be. I have a Jackson and a Thomas, by the way. I promise I didn't copy you. Really. . .

laura said...

weird. You look like me in that new picture of you.

Jared said...

Wow! Those are some expensive pictures.
they better turn out nice.