Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fall 2012

We had a very eventful Autumn, and it was GORGEOUS the whole time. We started off September with a trip to the State Fair. Going there is always a treat... filled with surprises. Jack impressed the marines with his pull-ups and we also exposed the scam of the oval-shaped basketball hoops. Also, Jack walked away with a GIANT stuffed red pepper toy after Keisha told him to lift up his shirt and show the carni his scar. It worked like a charm- if your goal is to carry around a humongous stuffed pepper all night long..

The fall presented us with beautiful leaves and cool nights. Halloween was an ideal temperature and we had a fun night trick-or-treating with friends.

(It is only a matter of time before we are out on the street trying to send valuable messages to teens..)

(Jack was a super scary vampire. Note: he is not wearing any white face paint.)

The mountains provided us with many colors and superb backdrops for photo shoots. This year in particular I felt the leaves stuck around for a decent amount of time. I loved capturing the brilliant colors.
 (Little Cottonwood Canyon)

 (Tanner's Flat)

My sweet grandma passed away in October. It was unexpected but also a relief as she was in great health and ready to move on peacefully. We celebrated her beautiful life and shared so many wonderful memories. I feel lucky to have had her in my life as much as I did. What a spectacular grandmother she was.

Jack started the first grade and has loved every minute of it. He was a wonderful teacher and has made many new friends. He did have an unfortunate accident after the big snowfall in November and slipped at recess and hit his head, resulting in a concussion. It is always a scary threat of possible interior bleeding as Jack is on a daily aspirin and bleeds very easily with trouble clotting. Thank heavens the CT came back good and he bounced right back to his normal self. He also lost TWO teeth and is about to lose two more (via the dentist...) It's been quite the eventful few months.


Winter is upon us and Jack has taken a great liking to Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker." He listens to it each night as he falls asleep, preparing us early for the Christmas season.

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