Saturday, May 26, 2012

The slow, but sure decline of Blogging...

It's obvious that people don't post as often anymore. I know because I check. And I can only assume if people aren't checking to update their own blogs, they certainly aren't reading mine. But truthfully, I blog more for posterity than anything else, as I am printing my blogs in multiple volumes to keep as family heirlooms. So here I go.

Arizona Trip

Jack and I road tripped to Arizona to visit Josh and the Dahl's because we had many things to celebrate. One, our 8th Anniversary. Two, my Birthday. Three, Cali's Baptism. Four, the partial eclipse. Five, the fact that we are a family, and we love one another.

So we stopped in Vegas to stay at Hotel Shaffer... thank heavens for that place. They are so generous. Then we took the Sentra through the desert- over rough roads, through high winds, and tested it beyond its expected abilities. Right around the 190,000 mile mark we arrived in Phoenix and made out way over to Mesa.

We were welcomed into 99 degree weather but luckily had a pool there to relieve the heat. Josh was happy to see us and vice versa... We were thrilled to be with such a fun family and excited for the weekend.

Josh's parents came in from Virginia and we had a great Saturday. Baptism was successful, food was great, swimming was fun and to top the day off we went boating. Josh showed off his skills and Jack developed a serious issue with the lack of control he has while riding on a tube.

Josh took me out for our Anniversary, to D-Vine. It was very yummy. We had a nice night, alone, with live music, cheese and olives... and lovely meals. Thank for that, darling.

My birthday was fun because I have been thinking I was turning 32.... for I don't know how long. And it wasn't until my dad corrected me that I learned I had one more year than I thought. Yay. The Dahl's are big on birthday breakfasts- so I got a stack of pancakes with a candle. :)

We spent the day at the pool and did a lot of relaxing. We had a REALLY good dinner (Thank you, Tasha) and a really nice night. I took some star shots.. and caught myself a shooting star.

We stayed and extra few days- there wasn't anything to rush home to. So we enjoyed our time with family and our time with Josh. Then we headed back to Vegas, battled a huge traffic jam in Boulder.. but got to close the night with a lovely dance recital for the Shaffer girls....
Good trip. Here's to Summer-- watch out.


Carter said...

I think blogs will continue as long as people comment. Comments are the lifeblood of blogs. I think bloggers don't realize how many lurkers are out there. I mean, I myself read like 10 blogs or something pretty consistently, and I hardly ever make a peep.

That photo of Josh waterskiing is freaking awesome.

Good one that you thought you were turning 32. Welcome to your 30's. It gets harder and harder to keep track. And you care less and less. Am I 35? 38? Whatever.

Hotel Shaffer? Does someone live there?

The end.

Liz said...

Even though
I never post anymore, I still check others blogs. I just got so far behind, and nobody seems to read or care so mehh why do it?
Happy Birthday/Anniversary, I'm glad you got to be with Josh to celebrate.
Call me sometime so we can catch up since we are staying home this summer and not venturing out West.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

Liz, like YOU, I check too. You don't need to start where you left off.

Cart, nice to know you are a good support to others' blogs. Thanks, about the photo... and our friends the Shaffer's live in Henderson and let us stay at their house whenever we want. It's really nice, since we DO frequent Vegas a LOT.

The End.

The Popes said...

I blog pretty much everyday. Not just for my readers but really to have a memory book of our life. It's an outlet that I love!