Saturday, December 17, 2011

"What if my brain doesn't know it's my Birthday tomorrow?"

Last night I told Jack he needed to go to sleep so he could have "lots of Birthday fun tomorrow." He was worried about bad dreams and said
"What if the Zombies come to eat my brains when I'm asleep?"
and I told him,
"Zombies don't come when it's almost your birthday. It's a rule."
Then he said
"What if I have bad dreams about Zombies?"
and I told him,
"You have fun Birthday dreams the night before your birthday, EVERYONE does."
and he said,
"What if my brain doesn't know it's my birthday tomorrow?"

I think you're brain is the one telling YOU it's your birthday tomorrow....

Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy.

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Kelly Brown said...

That is awesome, I love the conversations we have with these kids. So funny! Oh and Happy birthday Jack!